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Phone Photography – Exploring Balmain

Join us as we wander through the streets of Historic Balmain | Learn some tricks and techniques in how to use your SmartPhone to take better, creative photos. | 3 Hours
Nov 17th

The Basic – Camera and Composition

Before we create stunning images, we need to get the basics under control. Understanding composition and navigating your camera's menu will allow you to think like a photographer. Develop good habits you require for creative photography. | 3 Hours
17th Nov

Lightroom – organise and edit your photos

Lightroom is essential to keep your digital images organised and accessible. This workshop will give you the structure and understanding to set up a 'workflow' for your photo library. Held in our comfy photography studios at Chippendale. | 3 Hours
24th Nov

Street Photography – Discovery Workshop

Street photography is a rewarding genre. If you travel or simply love to observe the world you live in, you'll enjoy this discovery workshop introducing you to street photography and techniques of well-known street photographers. | 2 Hours
7th Dec

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Your Observer’s Journey

Your Observer’s Journey is a series of stages designed by the team at We Are Observers to assist you in reaching your creative photographic goals
Your We Are Observers Journey diagram

“Creative photography comes from the personal growth and maturity of a passionate photographer through experience and experimentation.”
Shane Rozario

Community Photo Events

Our community photo events are free to attend. This is where you will build your network of photographers. Creativity is the practice of imagination and intuition which is easier when you have a circle of photographers to share ideas with, learn from and be mentored by.

We have two events you can join and meet our community. 

PhotoWalks – held every second Tuesday evening 

Join our community 1

PhotoTalks – held every four weeks

Join our community 2

Foundation Workshops

“Learn photography by doing photography”
– Shane Rozario

Creativity is built on strong foundations.As a photographer, understanding the basics of creative thinking together with mastering technical skills, is the balance required to advance your expertise from a passionate photographer to a creative photographer.

All our Foundation Workshops are designed to help you grow by practical hands-on experience in composition, manual exposure and editing.

Click on any of the titles below to find out more and Book a spot.

The Basics – Camera and composition

Manual Photography Workshop

Lightroom – Organise and Edit Photos

Street Photography Discovery Workshop

One-on-one personal photo session

Creative Workshops

“Developing the mindset of a creative photographer is a broad brush and not limited to a particular genre.” 
Shane Rozario

Once you have the foundations under control there are multiple disciplines in each genre of photography. Experiencing photo genres outside of your own interests is very beneficial in acquiring skills which you can adapt to how you photograph your own projects. 

Landscape Photography

Street Photography 

Portrait Photography

One-on-one personal photo session

Adventure Workshops 

Allow you to use everything you’ve learnt to create the image you have imagined. Having the grounding of Foundation Workshops and the experience of diverse, Creative Workshops, the Photo Adventure will bring out your creativity in a way which may surprise even you. 

Whale Photo Adventure

Street Photography

Phone Photography Workshop

One-on-one personal photo session

Photo Retreats and Travel

These are multi-day adventures. Join us for a deeper journey into the practice of Creative thinking, experienced through practical photography workshops in multiple genres, with plenty of photo mentoring the whole way through.

On these trips we will help you curate a series of images which will be exhibited in a group show.  

Trips currently being developed include: 

Wild Brumbies 

Daintree Rainforest

Wollombi creative retreat

Bali Creative retreat

Art Nudes with Stephen Wong


This stage of your journey is all about helping you to express yourself visually. We use three platforms to help you showcase your work; we curate Group shows, Annual publications and program PhotoTalks.

Everyone with a passionate interest especially creative photographers, desire to share their work with others. We understand this need and can help you achieve this goal.

We have the support of our industry partners, Photo King who prints your work and Emergent Designs who frames your prints.

We believe, the reward in pursuing creative photography is realised by sharing your work. It allows you to share your experience of the world you live in, with the people and the community in your life.

Your creative journey has just become interesting.

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