Dont buy Art, make 'Art with your Phone'

We design fun and creative workshops to improve your photography. You will build technical and creative skills in a social environment. At the end of this workshop you will have your own Photographic Artwork ready to print and frame for your home or workspace.

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Create art and turn your photos into beautiful prints for your home.

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    Whether its a travel memory or a family gathering or an inspired fluke shot, the sad fact is that most of us dont print our memories like we once used to. (Photo: Colin Seton)

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    The photos we take stay on our phones and are only enjoyed for a short time. A good photo should be displayed. (Photo: Shane Rozario)

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    Our homes should be filled with good memories. Exhibiting our own artwork, allows us to re-live and enjoy that memory. (Photo: Colin Seton)

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    Being creative in our daily life has been linked to improved physical and mental health, as well increased happiness and well-being. (Photo: Colin Seton)

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    Our photos carry stories. A photo in your home is a story waiting to be shared and enjoyed with visiting friends and extended family. (Photo: Shane Rozario)

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    It's confusing to find help to turn the good photos we take on our phone into quality prints. (Photo: David French)

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We believe experiencing the full creative process of making your own art and exhibiting it, strengthens your confidence.

We are professional photographers and workshop facilitators. We have designed and facilitated photo workshops for over 10 years.

We understand the frustration of underutilising your smart phone when it comes to photography and we know the positive impact of making art for our homes. Our experience as professionals is your resource to build your photography skills. We will support you as much as you need, through this process. You can trust us to guide you through this experience.

Our workshops are hands-on. They're designed for anyone to build skills in photography. Discover your creative pathway.

This workshop will introduce you to everyday people making amazing art from simple ideas. We will guide you through the creative process showing you how to take your observations and turn them into a photograph that reflects your ideas.

You will rekindle your wonder for appreciating everyday objects and we will show you how to reimagine these everyday objects into fresh ideas which you can photograph. We use a hands-on approach for learning photography techniques and we will support you with information from the moment you book to long after you've completed the workshop.

Your photo guides are professional photographers and photography educators actively working within the industry.

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Three simple steps to becoming a creative person

Tell your customers how easy it is to do business with you.

  • Step 1. Book a workshop.

    Taking the decision to join a workshop is not only beneficial for your creativity, being part of a group is proven to be a healthy way to learn. The social dynamic is an enjoyable experience and it expands your network of creative people which fires up the imagination.

  • Step 2. Experience the full creative process.

    It is satisfying to take an idea and make it real. In this workshop you will experience the full creative process and how easy it is to generate new and exciting ideas to photograph. You will learn how to work with your phone to make outstanding images as well as learn the process of preparing the images for printing and showing. You will be supported the whole way through and beyond.

  • Step 3. Become the creative photographer you want to be.

    We all desire memorable experiences in our life. We all want to savor these experiences somehow. With a good understanding of how to use your phone camera and a method to generate ideas you have the capacity to turn your experience into photographs. These photos make great keepsakes as well as great gifts. Some photographers frame and sell their artworks. Whichever path you choose, it will bring you fulfillment as a creative photographer.

We will help you to grow as a photographer as much as you want to grow. This is our promise to you.

This is just the beginning. We want to see you grow and create exhibition quality photos and we can help. It's proven that creativity benefits us in our daily life and influences us in positive ways.

  • We will support you beyond the workshop to build your skills and become the photographer you want to be.

  • You will have access to our professional network for quality printing, framing, photography tools and more.

  • We have pathways for you if you would like to exhibit your work to an audience or tell the stories of the photos you create through our PhotoTalks program.

  • We are helpful and interested photographers with lots of patience and we are always reachable when you need help with your photography.

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This program is generously supported by Randwick Council.

  • If you live within Randwick Council, you are eligible for a $50 discount on your tickets!