This stage of your journey is all about helping you to express yourself visually. We use three platforms to help you showcase your work; we curate Group shows, Annual publications and program PhotoTalks.

Everyone with a passionate interest especially creative photographers, desire to share their work with others. We understand this need and can help you achieve this goal.

We have the support of our industry partners, Photo King who prints your work and Emergent Designs who frames your prints.

We believe, the reward in pursuing creative photography is realised by sharing your work. It allows you to share your experience of the world you live in, with the people and the community in your life.

Your creative journey has just become interesting.

To aid us in our goals, We Are Observers is sponsored by the following companies:

PhotoKing processing

Members of the We Are Observers community receive a 10% discount when ordering prints.
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Complete Display Solutions

Photo finishing is our business - fine workmanship is our specialty